Me and my sister in mar del Plata
About Me
When did I start drawing?
I believe since I could grab a pencil or crayon.

Born in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is cold and rains a lot, I had not too many choices but to stay inside and draw.

At twelve, I entered the Superior School of Visual Arts in Mar del Plata, Bs. As. Argentina.

After many years of classical art training such as; life drawing and painting, sculpture, and engraving, I ended up with a diploma in my hands and a teaching position at a private institute, Instituto Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

By 1979, tired of the cold weather and gloomy skies,  dreaming of foreign lands, I packed up and took off for Los Angeles.

After working for a few different companies as a Graphic Designer and Architectural Illustrator, I decided to establish my own business in 1985.

The main focus as an illustrator has been architectural, until almost seven years ago when I was approached by an author, and was introduced to the wonderful world of children's books.

My first Picture Book was published in 2004.

No project is ever too small or too complex.
Each one is a challenge, and I'm always ready for it.

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